The Doctors

How it all started…

In late autumn 2017, a couple of friends came together:

Boris – bass
Đorđe – keyboard
Diego – drums
Chris – guitar

We started playing some well-known tunes in Berlin’s famous Noisy Rooms in Friedrichshain.

After a while, Boris started bringing in some new ideas which entered the musical space that was re-created week by week. In the end, some of our current songs were created in this way: New and old ideas were put into the jam arena and gained a new shape…

Currently, more than two years later, Boris, Đorđe, Natalija, Andreas & Florian, still create some good grooves and enjoy the flow of emotions emerging in each song in a specific way.

The Doctors? Why?

In the beginning, there were Dr. Boris Žujko, Dr. Đorđe Tomić and Dr. Diego Diana… we all hold some PhD in some highly relevant disciplines such as sociology or history… and after two years, you just need a name for a band… and a beer.

What kind of music?

“Happy music”, that was what some great musicians such as Maceo Parker called their music… We all come from different world of music:  For almost three decades, Boris has played bass, guitar and acted as lead singer in various rock, funk, punk, drum & bass bands in Belgrade and Berlin. In his own words: “Music has helped me survive many wreckages and find the strength to swim to the shore.”

Đorđe has been playing the piano since he was 7, finishing his classical training in 2001. He started to discover the world of jazz in 1998. Since then, he has played with so many different musicians that these bands rather look like short meetings with individual members of a large family. He used to play swing to bop, latin jazz and funk.

Natalija joined the band with her pure punk energy after jamming with the crew on different occasions, creating some really funky vocal entanglements with Boris.

Andreas started jamming back in the day in Athens, playing some heavy rock grooves, also enjoying to pick up a guitar once in a while.

Florian with his alto sax brings some additional jazz & funk colors to the whole sound picture. 

So… in a nutshell: We play some special Berlin like, occasionally political, jazz-rock, funk-latin, happy-groove fusion. Currently, this is THE DOCTORS:

Boris Žujko – bass, vocal, guitar
Đorđe Tomić – keyboard, bass
Natalija Miletić – drums
Andreas Alexiou – drums
Florian Schwahn – alto sax

The Doctors